Masonic Shadow Box

Masonic Shadow Box

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Masonic Shadow Box

Do you have an old apron or regalia with sentimental value perhaps from a father or grandfather ?

Why not mount them in a shadow box and display with pride!

These are quality boxes, hand made  by a Brother Master Wood Worker

Shadow boxes have two pillars  (J & B  Strength & Beauty) also gold coloured metal All Seeing Eye on the top and a Square and Compass on the bottom

size is 63 x 60 cm  ( 25 x 24 inch )  10 cm  (4 inch) deep

size of box is 49 x 43 cm   (17 x 19 inch)   which will fit aprons up to Grand Lodge Size

weight 12 lbs

please note we do not ship these boxes with glass do to breakage, however glass can be obtained locally at a very reasonable cost



Apron and Jewels not included